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Friday, 20 March 2015


Jelly again... Ni my boss n my dept. anak anak favourite....
VIP must do.... Hehehe
Use that jelly and Longan in a can... 
My jelly mould...  nearly more than 10 year that mould ... mummy cari cari juga this mould....only have 48pcs je.. if any body know where can get that type of mould pls tag me... nak add some more...
Mummy wash the mould use hot water... Ccc... Soooo easy to wash at work.. Hehehe

Recipe mummy copy Kat packed jelly tu.
1 pack jelly add with water and Longan syrup make about 1250 liter
into pot slowly. stir continuously, bring the mixture to boil under strong flame,
 after boiling, switch to small flame. continue to boil and stir for another 3 minutes.
 Remove flame, add malic acid and stir till dissolve
 Place longan in mould. Pour the mixture into mould until full. 
allow jelly to set before placing into refrigerator, for best results,
 leave the Konyaku jelly in the refrigerator overnight.

Wallah Longan jelly ready......

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