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Saturday, 18 October 2014


2day bollywood aerobiclimbing bing
Free class at Sun Plaza park
organised by Health Promotion Board
mai mai exercise 2gether gether..... hehehe
This 2day class 19 oct.14
With our aerobics buddy
last week 12 oct 14
Bagramasala aerobic...
This last month August 14
at national stadium gate 2 this also every Sunday
free class also lai.lai 
After aerobic we have boot camp
ayo macam nak rak terlari lari lompat sana.lompat sini ayo panjat tangga lagi....peluh jangan cakap.. makeup all hilang
but ta apa untuk kesihatan mesti.buat loh
mummy.must do ... that why seldom
update ... my blog....

This at national stadium 
Near MRT.station
At the back c c rock climbing.....
Sambil exercise ... can ahopping.... hehehe
lai lai to national stadium.....
all in one

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