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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

iBanking CLASS

Me n staff nurse Wendy attd ibanking course  @ITE College East....
Teach us how to login ibanking portal...
arrange our bill. Make bill payment....
perform fund transfer.....
View account summary.....
This the most mummy like like like... hehehe
Using to shopping on line... hehehe
Suka suka sekali.. yg last ni tau....:)D
Sempat boss kecik ku charge phone.... hehehe
This portal for learning je it like a dummy portal gitu

After this we both can shopping on line.....
no need go out to shopping mall just used the keyboard
....hehehe  jangan my house full of junk dah lah
Nanti my hubby bubble me kang... hehehe

Saperti biasa kita dapat bag ....
this time we get powerbank.... oooi best nya
yuk jom join next lesson next month... 
we choose....Microsoft Surface tablet or power point alamak course ni mahal se... that ok nak ilmu kan .... hehehe
Cloud computing n dropbox also ok
nanti mummy update lagi ye next class k...

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