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Saturday, 26 April 2014


Yesterday Me my little princess n my best friend Joice
Went to Garden by the Bay.... we got discount ticket for health care worker can cccc tulipmania
Jom let see some photo there..... ^_^
Alway mummy came here with friend we walk out side area only. It free but if day time it very hot...
Jom we enter the flower dome
It like a giant green house .... sooo coooling inside here
If you all flower luver and like gardening
Must come here.... ok
now Is Tulipmania theme...  all tulip until next june
I saw purple tulip sooo nice
Sooo many colour
This eka picture... me ask eka to sit down. Mummy sit another side... after that I call.eka to pull me up.... hehehe cian my princess kene tarik mummy dia.... biasa lah dah terduduk
nak bangun memang susah mesti ada yg tolong tarik
baru leh ..... cam ni
 dah tak leh jadi camera makcik ni... heheheh
cccc yelloW tulip
 so many cactus family......
see that tree like giant bonzai... soo prety .....nice kan
Will upload more picture later....
at canopy walk ok
My little princess jadi mangsa.... hehehe
my model today...... hehehe
Me also like be in the picture... model super big hehehe
lihat bunga berbagai warna.. bau bunga sana sini
Cccc cam kat Holland gitu kan.... ^_^

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