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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


This kueh sooo cute n lembot..... it a gift from our lovely litttle girl  from MOT Haze...... thanks for being with us. Mummy doa kan U berjaya dalam. pengajian mu nanti.... jangan lupa upload gambau banyak banyak di Manchester nanti ye.... !!!!!!


  1. Thank you too mummy for always being cheerful,kind and warm. Its a memorable attachment which you made it very pleasant for me. Oh and thank you too for the cheesecake recipe. Once i tried i sent you for tasting. hehe :)


  2. Thanks my little girl.... Happy nye mummy.... Haze visit my blog.....hehehe
    If U want more recipe , just visit here ....Or tag me nanti I cari kan 4 U k :)D