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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Pertunangan keponakan Daddy  last 2 year ..... my sister in law married to abg Dolet, he a Malaysian so all the sedara sebelah ayah come from JB, Mummy luv them all, cause they all very peramah + dengan mummy lagi meriah..... hehehe,saja upload this buat simpanan kenangan
so sweet this girl dolu tomboy..... dah besar jambu lah so sweet
this my sister in law, she only have 2 kids, yati & brother Adi, adi have his own family
have 2 kids, pair a girls n boy (isteri Adi berasal dari Indonesia)
nanti mummy dig my FB if ada gambar penikahan mereka di Indo
mummy will upload di lain kali k.......
with her anty cik Asiah & Cik Norma & Czen
with her luving mum Kak Jah with the pulot kek
come let see more picture from mummy camera..... hehehe
 this Awang family with pulot kek
 with the guy family n my hubby
 Sukur kids all grow up ........ that couple in blue is husband n wife now
my hubby niece maried philipino boy.....
 with the Awang Family
 all the Tuk Awang Cucu, my kids not in cause all working on that day....
let see hantaran nye
 the orange & grey color gift from the girl side

this all in blue from the boy side.......
mummy doa kan semoga bahagia selalu
insyaallah next year mummy will standby my camera with full charge battery
ready to shoot..... hehehe :-)D

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