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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Today our plan gi shopping around Krabi town, mummy so happy, i want to hunting for Thai like like like..(:D
mostly at thailand a lot of temple....... so huge n nice architecture so white...... my girls the ones enter the temple take picture

so unic cccc the traffic light, Cavemen traffic light, almost the shop close, to early maybe
 so we breakfast @ muslim coffee shop, so sayang we all 4get to take pic, 
the owner like tablih people, but they are very nice people
mummy like.....(:D

will up date later, a lot of picture......hehehe(:D

we round until the end of the river n met Ah an the owner of the Tail Boat, his muslim name Ismail
so lucky that he take us only 400bat thai each for 2 hour ride go round the island near by.....
my missy like a kampong girl, she the ones hop in..... mummy so takot meh, some more wear skit lagi..... cam mane ni plan dan lari, from shopping to island hopping.........wear skirt some more.....(:D

surprise me, in a small island have Madrasah.... so cooling mummy luv it so much
got prayer room, so many thing that make me so insaf....... even their island is tiny mini all have.... even internet WIFI free every where..... masyaallah so great......(:D

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