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Saturday, 30 June 2012


2day is our happier day cause our only dept princess get married..... hehehe mummy n mama moon attd the Nikah this afternoon @ Pasir Ris Blk 417 1.30pm. only one lafas by Izwan, now sah our Lin become Mrs Izwan........(:D
so sweet couple

mummy, mama moon, hidayah n lin our pincess, waiting for the kadi .........

all the CSSD staff in include Hidaya yg just transfer to SGH Dental dept. malay @ our dept only mummy, mama moon n my princess Lin, in picture staff Day Off , around 3.30pm on duty staff will attd.
yum yum chocolate 

Friday, 29 June 2012


2Day mummy ccc , daddy bought jackfruit in the fridge...... what to to do with this......(:D
 Jackfruit Pancake can
come do experiment ......hehehe...(:D
this is the star item:
jackfruit dice cube

other ingredient:
7tbs sugar
3 tbs oat
12 tbs plain flour
a bit double baking powder

how to do:
dice jackefruit to cube add sugar & egg stir 
add oat stir again
add flour abit abit till finish
add in water bait bait don't to diluted

used small fry pan wipe a bit butter, heat the pan in low heat
pour the ingredient flatten it n cover the pan a few second open the lid
and the other side cook till a bit brown
wallah Jackfruit Pancake ready...
so easy can eat with chocolate melt or maple syrup...
yum yum yum .....(:D
mummy terpaksa add bahasa omputeh sebab 97% teman kerja mummy berbangsa asing yg hanya boleh berbahasa omputeh dtg dari India & philipina, orang kite termasok mummy cuma 3 org aje,   so maaf from now on mummy buat dua bahasa, or tak aleh bahasa teros.....sebab mummy gunakan bahasa oputeh yg paling mudah pon..... sejuta maaf ye kawan .......hehehe :(D
Rini mummy ccc daddy beli nangka, ade di peti sejok tu, ape yang nak kita buat dengan ini,
buat lempeng Nangka ok juga...... jom kite buat experiment......hehehe(:D
bahan bahan:
5 ulas nagka di potong bersegi 4
se biji telor
7 tbs gula
3 tbs oat
12 tbs tepong
1/2 tsp double baking powder

cara membuat nya: nangka gula dan telor di kacaurata
add in tepong & double baking powder kacau rata
add in sedikit air jangan terlalu cair
panaskan pan kecil, sapu sedikit butter, gunakan api yg sederhana
add in adonan ratakan n tutop pan, selang 3 ke 4 mins buka lid, terbalikan lempeng
masak hingga kuning
Wallah lempeng nangka dah siap
 so mudah, boleh makan bersama chocolate cair atau maple syrup ke madu....
yum yum .....(:D


2day not working, so early in the morning mummy spring cleaning my home sweet home first ....... hehehe (:D after that gi tawaf my tampines  wet market & corner @ my NTUC supermarket....... mummy saw mushroom, so i bought  2 packet of it.........
My star ingredient:
2 packs of oyster mushroom
this mummy buy @ NTUC Tampines ok
Used multi purpose flour/  that have salt, herb all in, just add in curry powder 1 tsp. cili powder 1tsp and 1/4 turmeric powder pour a bit water don't to diluted, deep fry in hot oil

wallah so simple to make this 
try lah so easy.....(:D


This cake my friend at Changi General Hospital made it, only selected friend she give..... so sedap, moist n very dark chocolate...... very delicious Moon Thanks for the cake.... mummy luv it so much.
Moon so expert in cooking malay authentic dishes, she just learn how to make this cake during her holiday @ KL, her beluv sister teach her, so come back SG she try... success 
Moon yr cake Very sedap lah, thanks Moon
 key chain my little friend Aidil Sazwan give, Aidil is Moon son, Aidil also my FB friend, 
thanks Aidil, mummy luv your give...... (:D

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Today our plan gi shopping around Krabi town, mummy so happy, i want to hunting for Thai like like like..(:D
mostly at thailand a lot of temple....... so huge n nice architecture so white...... my girls the ones enter the temple take picture

so unic cccc the traffic light, Cavemen traffic light, almost the shop close, to early maybe
 so we breakfast @ muslim coffee shop, so sayang we all 4get to take pic, 
the owner like tablih people, but they are very nice people
mummy like.....(:D

will up date later, a lot of picture......hehehe(:D

we round until the end of the river n met Ah an the owner of the Tail Boat, his muslim name Ismail
so lucky that he take us only 400bat thai each for 2 hour ride go round the island near by.....
my missy like a kampong girl, she the ones hop in..... mummy so takot meh, some more wear skit lagi..... cam mane ni plan dan lari, from shopping to island hopping.........wear skirt some more.....(:D

surprise me, in a small island have Madrasah.... so cooling mummy luv it so much
got prayer room, so many thing that make me so insaf....... even their island is tiny mini all have.... even internet WIFI free every where..... masyaallah so great......(:D

Monday, 25 June 2012


Krabi day 2, my girl buat suspense je, elephant riding.....hehehe(:D 
at first mummy rasa takot sekali......berbakol bakol ayat suci mummy baca.... tengok mummy pegang kuat kedua dua besi tempat duduk......, naik bukit boleh tahan bila turun bukit masaallah rasa cam nak melorot ke bawah. alhamdulilah selamat ta apa apa....hehehe rini kita pakei selekeh sebab acara today rugged a bit.....hehehe after this we haeding to temple of tiger........ in a package.....(:D

will up date again..... just learn how to arrange......collage.....:(D
still elephant story .....they all tie the tali look lah left & right the handle of the seat.... sooo funny that why mummy hold the rail tight.....hehehe. but fun, cam berani berani but takot gitu....(:D
that the van we book for the whole day tour: fm 1200Bat thai. daddy slow talk with the taukey drop to 900bat thai each person....... if u all want to use public transport must act local tau, from Ao Nang to Krabi town only 50 bat thai je, but daddy ask the driver how much? they know that we not local they charge us 400bat thai per person, OMG .........(:D so remember ye don't ask just pay je 50 bat thai k
after visit tiger temple we gi mamam..... hehehe makan lah then heading to Emerald pond,  and so cooool the pond middle in the jungle must by we walk ....hai ya vehicle can't enter the place so.... walk lah....(:D this place mummy can't upload picture cause ade yg wear swim suit....(:D
so our dinner @ restaurant halal, the owner is a thai Muslim...... yahoo all happy, yum yum so yummy berasap rasap ..... hehehe so hot all the foods..... but dap....(:D
end of day 2 ......hehehe


If mummy got date with all the Datins ,my old skools girl friends .......hehehe , this one of the item
mummy cook for my kids.... one wok all through  in side.... after that fry chicken or nugget..... ready 
Spiral pasta 400gm boil in hot water until soft, take out and wash under running water

ingredient blend fine:
Cili paste 3 tbs
garlic 2 tbs
onion 1 tbs
a bit oil
3 or 4 stock hotdog slice oval
vege: carrot cut fine, kailan or cabbage if like
springke on top:green pea, fried onion and oregano
sos 2 add in: BBQ sos, tomato sos
abit sugar n salt
how 2do: so easy
add  a bit oil in a work, add in garlic until a bit yellow, add in onion stir until smell good
add in cili paste until the oil come out. add in hot dog stir again add in all the sos 
add in the vege, add in the pasta 
last add in oregano
sprinkle with green pea n friend onion

Wallah Spiral Pasta Mumsie ready......
Try lah so easy......hehehe(:D

Kalau mummy ade dating dengan mak Datin [teman perempuan dari sekolah lama] ini lah salah satu masakan yang akan mummy sediakan untok anak anak mummy, sunggoh mudah all campakan ke dalam satu kuali. je..... pas tu goreng lah ayam atau nugget.....dah siap

bahan bahannye:
400gm pasta yg pintal rebos diair panas hingga lembot, angkat cuci di air yg mengalir

bahan kisar halos:
Cili kisar 3tbs
bawang puteh 2tbs
bawang merah 1 tbs
sedikit minyak
3 - 4 btang hotdog hiris bujur

sayuran: lobak merah di pasak halos, 
kailan or kobis ape ape sayuran pon boleh di gunakan...

bahan tabor di atas pasta:
kacang pea, bawang goreng n oregano
sos untok menambah perasa: BBQ sos, tomato sos, garam n gula secukop rasa
cara untok membuatnye:
panaskan sedikit minyak di kuali. tumis bawang puteh, wangi add in bawang merah agak kuning sikit 
tambah cili kisar, kacau hingga keluar minyak , camporkan hotdog, kacau rata tuang pasta ,sayuran kacau rata tambah kan sos sos, garam n gula secukop rasa.
last sekali add in oregano
hidangkan bersama bahan taburan.....

Wallah Spiral pasta mumsie siap.....
cuba lah sunggoh mudah......(:D

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Dah lama tak merasa pengat pisang, my favorite pisang pon mummy add in ...... hehehe, boleh boring my kids, what ever penuchi mulut must add in pisang..... hehehe
buat juada semasa bulan ramadan pon enak, masak lebeh, boleh di bahagi kepada jiran jiran seblock.....

Sedap tau..... sendiri masok bakol, sendiri angkot......hehehe

Bahan bahan star: pisang sesuka hati, lagi banyak lagi sedap...... my favorite lah katakan....(:D, di kupas n potong bulat bulat

beberapa buku gula melaka, if ta ade gula Jawa pon boleh
Daun pandan di siat dan pintal campak didalam  periok, add in gula melaka, add in air semangkok, masak hingga gula larot, curah kan santan secawan, ikot suka, if tiada santan original, gunakan santan kotak pon boleh, akhir sekali di camporkan pisang tadi gaul rata. didih angkat, if mummy lotak pisang semasa nak makan baru add in, so the pisang tak lecor .....(:D

Wallah dah siap Pengat Banana Mumsie
cuba lah so mudah sekali.....(:D

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Duri Fish .... what to cook fish in this. If acid've always spicy black pepper, fresh curry, do not want to cook right now .... its really big fish .... can not think to long..... hehehe
  timing only 30mins ..... cooking time for this ..... fish wash ...
apply powder right as usual .... fry 3/4 cook ......

Star ingredient: Fish  cut &  wash  
apply powder right ..... was looking at my  Oldest post 
fish recipe  wear powder .... fry the fish ..... (: D

Slice materials:
chopped green pepper 3 pieces rough
minced garlic
chopped red onion 1 tbs
tomatoes, diced 
2tbs chilli paste
2 slices of ginger chopped
3 tbs oyster sauce
3 calamansi   juice
3 lime leaves
salt n sugar to taste

how to cook nye
Heat a pan, add the garlic, red onion fragrant add ginger
  stir add chilli paste, stir again, add diced tomatoes
if too thick, simply add water, then add  oyster sauce stir
then add calamansi  juice, add in lime leaves salt & sugar to taste
finally, add fish, and cook until the sauce thickens

Wallah'm ready Duri oyster sauces
cuba is so easy .... (: D
Ikan duri.... apa nak di masak dengan ikan ini. Jika asam pedas lada hitam dah selalu,baru masak kari, tak kan nak masak  lagi.... sungguh besar ikan nya ....apa lagi tak boleh fikir lama lama sekejap lagi nak pergi kerja,
 masa hanya ada 30mins ..... time for cooking ni..... cuci ikan... 
pakai kan bedak saperti biasa.... goreng membal......berkulit sikit, angkat tos

Bahan star: ikan duri potong cuci berseh tos
pakai kan bedak..... cari lah at my oldest post dulu ade recipe ikan pakai bedak.... 
ikan gorenglah.....(:D

Bahan Hiris:
lada hijau 3 biji hiris kasar
bawang putih cincang 
bawang merah kisar 1 tbs
tomato 2 biji cuci potong dadu
cili kering kisar 2tbs
halia 2 hiris cincang
sos tiram 3 tbs
limau kasturi 3 biji ambil jus nye
3 helai daun limau
garam n gula secukup rasa

cara memasak nye
panaskan kuali, masukkan  bawang putih
 wangi masukkan bawang merah kisar dan  halia 
 kacau rata agak kuning sikit masukan  cili kisar,
bila ia keluar minyak campurkan  tomato dadu
jika terlalu pekat, tambah kan air , kemudian masukan sos tiram kacau rata 
masukkan jus limau kasturi, masukan daun limau garam & gula secukup rasa
akhir sekali masukkan ikan, masak hingga kuah pekat 

Wallah dah siap Duri bersos tiram
sungguh mudah cuba lah....(:D


suka sangat dengan sayur ni,
so bila nampak kat NTUC ade je mummy pon beli lah, 
mummy  cuba masak lomak..... yum yum sodap juga:

bahan  star tentulah : Dou Meow 1 packet
bawang puteh cincang
bawang besar di hiris
lada merah hiris
udang geragau kering
kunyit serbok
dan garam secukop rasa
kentang kupas kulit potong ikot suka
se kotak santan KARA

Cara memasak:
campak bawang puteh, bawang besar, lada hiris, udang geragau  tuang air semangkok
add in kentang masak hingga kentang empok 
add in sayur Dou Meow, garam n sedikit kunyit serbok
tuang santan sekotak kacau rata sambil di timba timba agar tak pecah santan
lebeh kurang 5 minit mati kan api

Wallah dah siap Lemak Dou Meow
Cubalah so mudah....(:D

Monday, 18 June 2012


 JUMAAT :08:00AM DATE: 15 -18 JUNE 2012 
My girls both dapat cuti, Cher June school holiday & Missy sleeping day off and rest day, mummy take friday & monday annual leave..... B kerja sendiri tak payah ask for leave....... hehehe
my 2 girls nak bercuti so kite escort dia orang, lagi all they all tanggong, mummy n B both follow je.... hehehe thanks girls mummy luv u both & my 2 boys also mummy luv u too..... hehehe, if cakap pasal luv must fair, luv all 4 my kids.....realy from my hati ok......
this time our next destinasi...... Krabi @ Thailand...... passport ready , yok...... here we come
sabelom berangkat kita sarapan dulu...... sbb naik budget.....kan ....(:D
 my boarding pass dah ready.....(:D                                               

     ni lah dia .... Tiger Airway...(:D
my little missy sabelom kita boarding
she sorang aje yang photogenic dikalangan my family......(:D
mummy sekeluarga call her missy cause dia bekerja sebagai Jururawat Kanan. Di SG say Staff Nurse......(:D

ni lah dia tempat kita menginap......(:D

the room sooo big n shower room dok ade big window lak........(:D

                               ade balcony lagi besar juga......(:D
di belakang pondok tu tingkat dua tu lah balcony bilik kita
hehehe ..... cam my rumah lak...... (:D
sampai dah petang soooo kita gi tawaf, cari makan.... yg ade tanda halal.... jauh kita jalan sampai ke penhujung jalan Aonang corner ternampak logo halal comel je, n nampak cik adek pakei slendang dah confirm halal. kite cross the road n order makan......
air beraneka jenis, Cher milk tea, missy mango juice, B watermelon juice n mummy pineapple juice
di sebelah tu krabu itek..... sedap rasanye
ade rasa daun ketumbar, limau, cekor cili padi, perahan air lemau....
sedap rasa nye....(:D
ikan kukos sedap betoi, sbb di sini ikan nye fresh, di sabelah ni paling kite suka 
Tom yom, sedap betoi rasa nya.......
ni lah hidangan day 1

pantai Ao nang jalan ta berapa depa jalan dari our Resort dah sampai pantai coooooling kan!!!!
angin nye so kencang.... ombak nye cam kat Hawaii... ni main papan luncor best ni..... hehehe 
hai sompat bergambau di tepi pantai .....(:
ade bot if kite nak gi island hopping....... dah sedia menunggu....
restaurant halal banyak but, kebanyakan nye menjual minoman keras
tu yang problem......(:D
Deretan kedai yang berdekatan tempat penginapan
sunggoh padat n rapat rapat. lihat antena electrik tu sunggoh unic tak pernah mummy lihat.........

Sementara menunggu van yang dah kita booking untok ke night market @ Krabi Town, 
kita isi perot dolu dengan prata....
di sini sunggoh unic... prata pisang di picit kan coklat on top mummy punya, missy pileh prata mangga.... but mummy nye sedap..... prata pisang so yummy...hehehe (:D
tak banyak yg kita shoot at Krabi Night Market....... sebok window shopping.... banyak yg menarek di sini.......... nanti mummy sambong esok ye dah pagi ni..... 
hehehe nak bobok.....(:D
End of day 1 @ Krabi