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Saturday, 14 January 2012


This my first experiment of making cheese cake, me get this recipe
 fm my friend at work ,  Staff Nurse Goh PL. so me name it after her. 
My mum like it cause it sour , but for my girls say this cake sooooo sour......

The Ingredient:
for the base:
1  1/2 tube Digestive Biscuit
150gm of butter
smash the biscuit until sandy and add butter,
 than used the ring thin cake special for cheese cake,
 put a   foil on base then clip the base with the ring thin,
 pour the base ingredient, 
press it then put inside the freezer.

this for the top
500gm Philadelphia Cheese Cream
300gm Bulla Thick Cream (in a bottle, can buy @ any NTUC)
1 Can Condense Milk any Brand
3 tbs gelatin
1 lemon juice
1 can of peach used only the peach

How to do the top:
Cheese Cream add Condense milk  beat it  with K beater until fluffy,
add Thick Cream Beat again add lemon
beat again, the peach cut into cube and add in a cream cheese
then gelatin add a bit hot water stir well, then add in to the cheese ingredient 
stir well then pour on top of the biscuit then put in freezer 
 the taste very nice thanks staff nurse yr cheese cake very yummy i luv it  

minta maaf temam , kawan kerje mummy majority bukan melayu so, nanti bile ade masa mummy akan alih ke bahase melayu k. slamat mencuba:))     


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