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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


This the most popular cheese cake all my family friend favorite,
i get this recipe fm Kongsi
i modified a bit .......wallah

ni mummy made for mak mak day...... hehehe mother day 12.4.12 for my be love mak n mama (my only sister) happy mak day.......Cayang U both(:

 Dalam loyang if want to give org, sukar nak membawanye, so mummy dapat idea semasa nak buat for my dept event....... Dec 2011 mummy pon lotak dalam cup... so sonang
 ta payah nak potong potong or sediakan paper plate......(:

many time make this, so look nice a bit..... hehehe sendri masok bakol sendri angkot :))
this is the first time mummy buat cheese cake look like a cement but the taste sooo yummy
 Star Ingredient: 
Oreo cookies 5 rolls, use the biscuit only

the filling:
250gm Philadelphia cream cheese x 2 block
20gm butter
20gm castor sugar
450gm of yogurt  or yakult or vitagent [choose any flavor]
mix use mixer until fluffy
1 lemon only need the juice. add in half cup of hot water with 4Tbs of gelatin
stir, then add on to the filling ingredient, mix with the mixer

need paper cup put i piece of oreo cookies to the base then pour the cream
cover on top with oreo cookies, then put inside the freezer, 
when want to eat take it out.....

Wallah oreo cheese cake so simple n fast to make
 this my creation for the healthy version cheese cake....
cuba lah jangan tak cuba so yummy hehehe
angkot bakol masok sendiri ......... :(

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